Hawaii's official youth lacrosse league, AYLA is a member of US Lacrosse with teams in age groups from kindergarten through high school. This is a volunteer run organization.

Lax is Back - Sunday, April 18


Aloha AYLA –

We’re back!  We’re excited to announce the return of youth lacrosse to Oahu beginning Sunday, April 18th in Kapiolani Park.

The AYLA volunteer board of directors has been busy preparing for what is sure to be a great, albeit unconventional, lacrosse season.  We’re committed to having the most fun this season in the safest environment possible.  We will follow the City & County guidelines and utilize U.S. Lacrosse’s Return to Play guidelines to help inform our program in terms of COVID safety.

Here’s the plan:

We’ll have a 10-week season, beginning on Sunday, April 18th running through June 20th.  Play will occur by age group each Sunday at Kapiolani Park with the following weekly schedule:

Registration will open up soon, a separate announcement will be made when the site is up and running.  The first two Sundays, April 18th and 25th, are available for anyone wishing to try out the sport and AYLA – registration is not required and the events are being insured by U.S. Lacrosse.  For the remainder of the season, all participants will need to be registered with U.S. Lacrosse and AYLA.


A little complicated based on curtailing last season due to COVID.  Please bear with the lengthy formula…

Everyone:  All participants will have to become active U.S. Lacrosse members.  The fee is $30 for ages 14 and below and $35 for high schoolers.  U.S. Lacrosse provides our insurance coverage throughout the season which is of prime importance.  You also get a great magazine to keep tabs on the sport and an incredible reference library at www.uslacrosse.org.

If you registered last year and did not get a refund:  You are set to play without any further charges beyond an updated U.S. Lacrosse membership.  Your fees from last season will cover this season. If you have yet to pick up your jersey from last year, we’ll have them available each Sunday to start the season.  You will have a credit remaining on your AYLA account for future use.

If you registered last year, received a refund and want to play this year:  You need to sign up for U.S. Lacrosse.  You have already paid for your jersey.  If you have not picked it up already it will be available during the first few Sundays.  The registration fee for this season is $40.

If you’re new to the AYLA:  You’ll need to sign up with U.S. Lacrosse and register for AYLA at the $40 fee.  If you would like a reversible AYLA jersey, they are available for $40.  If not, any reversible jersey may be used during this season.

Equipment:  Thanks to a generous grant of equipment this off-season from Operation Baggataway (https://www.facebook.com/opbaggataway/), we will provide rental equipment to those who need it free of charge.  If you have rental equipment from last season, please bring it with you for use (or exchange if kids have grown) this season.  We will also have some used equipment that will be given away for free during the first few Sundays and some new equipment for sale at incredible prices.

We are working to make this the most affordable lacrosse season allowing access and exposure to the most kids possible.  As always, financial aid is available based on need.  Please reach out if you’d like to apply.


We’re looking for volunteers to help coach and to make our Sunday’s run smoothly (check in, temperature screening, equipment and jersey distribution, etc.).  Please contact us if you’re able to help out.

We hope you and your family remain safe and we look forward to seeing you at the Park on April 18th. 


The AYLA Board of Directors

Mike Barstis – President


Mahalo & A Hui Hou!

Aloha ALL -

After 5 years on the AYLA board and 3 seasons as AYLA president, I am "retiring" and passing the baton to the next generation of leaders.  I want to briefly thank all the board members, coaches, volunteers and parents for the energy and work helping make youth lacrosse and AYLA what it is today. While it's disappointing that our season didn't happen, I am proud to say that the 2020 season would have been our strongest season yet, in terms of player participation and organization.  

My involvement with lacrosse began when my 3 young boys started playing back in 2010. I had no knowledge of the game, but lacrosse and the community soon hooked my family. I became team parent for each of my boys' teams over the years, and eventually joined the AYLA board in 2015. In 2018, I became only the 3rd AYLA president and was the first "outsider" -- a non-player with no association with the local lacrosse community. I am grateful to be welcomed into the local lacrosse community.

To remain true to AYLA's original mission statement, to grow youth lacrosse and firmly establish lacrosse in Hawaii, my 3 main goals as President were :

1. Strengthen organizational integrity & professionalism

2. Improve coaching and program delivery

3. Establish financial discipline & processes

I feel the board and I have achieved these goals and provided a strong foundation for the future. We did not always do things perfectly, but the hard work and sometimes frustrating moments, have made it a truly a worthwhile endeavor for me personally. Along the way I've met amazing coaches, parents, and kids. I've made some lifelong friends which I'm grateful for, and I'm proud of what we've all done together.  It's been a great run and a true team effort. 

In closing, I encourage and hope that parents and coaches volunteer where you can, and continue to grow lacrosse in Hawaii.  We have many talents and resources in our AYLA community that we can harness.  The future is bright!

All the best & good luck to Mike Barstis, new AYLA president, and his team! Go AYLA!

Mahalo and A Hui Hou,

Grace Saturnia


P.S. Summer is looking good!

by posted 06/05/2020

Aloha AYLA Ohana -

While it looks like Hawaii is doing well at this time during this pandemic, there are still a lot of unknowns regarding how government leadership will manage reopening our community, specifically the lifting of group restrictions and use of parks in the coming months. After much discussion and careful consideration, the AYLA board has decided to officially close this season out and work on possible options for mid-late summer, as state guidelines permit.

What are the Next Steps?

1. AYLA Fee Refunds

  • AYLA has incurred signficant expenses to begin the season including goals, balls, uniforms, coach USL fees, park permits, credit card processing fees, etc. As such, we cannot refund 100% of the 2020 fee. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
  • Option A: 70% AYLA fee Credit for future participation in clinics/scrimmages & 2021 season - No action required.
  • Option B: 70% AYLA fee Refund via check or credit card - Please click link and complete the Refund Request form by MAY 31: https://forms.gle/3ELsK2bS1s3VTMdD9
  • AYLA Uniform Pinnies: All registered players will receive their AYLA pinnies, at a pick up date in the summer
  • USL membership fee: AYLA cannot refund this fee as this was paid directly to US Lacrosse; the membership is valid for a year and allows players to participate in AYLA sanctioned scrimmages & games in the off-season through early 2021. Membership is also valid if player transfers to another league on the mainland within the expiration date of the membership.

2. RENTAL Gear Refunds

  • 70% of rental fee refund upon receipt of gear; deposit checks will be returned/destroyed
  • Return Date(s) is TBD, sometime mid-summer, as permitted by state guidelines
  • More information to follow
  • If you are leaving the state before June, please contact Tony Brown at aylacommish@gmail.com.

3. COACH Bags & Goals - Tony will be in touch with coaches with more information

4. SUMMER Play: As soon as permitted, we plan to organize games/scrimmage/clinics. We don't yet know how this will look like, so stay tuned.

  • HS players: Games to give our seniors the opportunity to play before going off to college
  • K-8 players; TBD

The AYLA Board greatly appreciates your patience, understanding and support during this unprecedented situation. The decisions we've had to make were tough and complicated. We hope to ensure the viability of AYLA as an organization and are hopeful for the future of youth lacrosse in Hawaii. We will post another update in a few weeks. 


Grace Saturnia & AYLA Board members

by posted 04/29/2020
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