Hawaii's official youth lacrosse league, AYLA is a member of US Lacrosse with teams in age groups from kindergarten through high school. This is a volunteer run organization.


Frequently Asked Questions 2020

1. When is Lacrosse season in Hawaii?

Lacrosse season is about 12 weeks in Hawaii. AYLA practices start in late February, and games runs through the middle of May. Practices are during weekday afternoons at various locations. Games are about an hour long and played on Sundays. Off-season clinics & scrimmages are generally offered from July - November and Jan-February for a nominal cost. As opportunities arise, AYLA will offer clinics that featuring visiting coaches and players. 

2.  How much does it cost to play Lacrosse in the season?

To participate, there is an AYLA League Fee and a required US Lacrosse Membership Fee.

  • Boys & Girls K-8  $130  AYLA registration fee + $30 US Lacrosse youth membership fee
  • High School Boys: $145 AYLA registration fee + $35 US Lacrosse HS membership fee
  • High School Girls:  $130  AYLA registration fee + $35 US Lacrosse HS membership fee

AYLA registration fees cover local operating costs. USL Lacrosse membership is required for all players and coaches which includes insurance, a magazine subscription, and USL regional support for AYLA.

In addition to registration fees, there is a cost for required Gear to either purchase or rent. See below Q5,Q6,Q7.

3.  Is there Financial Assistance?

Financial assistance is available to players who demonstrate need. We ask that you complete and submit the Financial Assistance form online. In exchange for assistance, we ask that the player and/or family volunteer in some capacity. Volunteer opportunities will be arranged through the coach and/or commissioner. The only fee that AYLA doesn't cover is the US Lacrosse membership which $30-$35 annually.

4.  Which Area should I register for?

AYLA currently has 4 area chapters on Oahu: East Honolulu (EH), Windward (WW), Ford Island (FI) and Leeward (LW).  In addition, we have a High School Boys and Girls division. Each area practices are located below:

  • EH - Kapiolani Park by Paki Avenue
  • WW - Aikahi Elementary, Kailua
  • FI - Ford Island fields (military/DOD ID is required to get on base)
  • LW - Leeward -- Ewa-Pu`uloa District Park 91-201 Kaimele Place, Ewa, HI 96706 (Next to Keoneula Elementary School).
  • Boys High School
    • Honolulu Club at Kapiolani Park 
    • Punahou Club at Punahou campus & Kapiolani Park
    • St. Louis at Kapiolani & Kanewai Community park near SL campus
    • WW HS boys at Kalaheo HS
  • Girls High School
    • Lady Sharks & Punahou Girls at Kapiolani Park
    • WW HS Girls at TBD

5.  What Lacrosse Gear do I need and what will it cost to buy?

  • Boys - Helmet, Stick, Shoulder pads, Elbow pads, gloves (new about $200 and up in total)
  • Girls - Goggles, Stick (new about $50 and up in total)
  • Goalie gear is provided by AYLA
  • Other needs:  mouthguard (Boys & Girls), cup (required Boys), cleats (recommended)

6.  Where can I get Lacrosse Gear?

There is currently no store on Oahu that sells Lacrosse gear.   AYLA purchases most of our equipment through SportStop.com, LacrosseUnlimited.com, lax.com and others places including Amazon that sell gear. Many return players will purchase gear while on the US mainland on family vacations. 

Used Gear Exchange (TBD) is a place on our website for players to advertise used gear no longer needed or have been outgrown. You can post to give away or to sell.

7.  Can I rent Lacrosse Gear?

AYLA has a limited amount of gear available for rental and as temporary loaners for our off-season clinics. It is available on a first-come-first-serve basis  for new players or for players who require financial assistance and unable to purchase their own gear. Return players are encouraged to purchase their own gear. The 2020 cost for rental equipment is below:

  • Helmet $30 
  • Gloves/Shoulder pads $20 
  • Stick $20 
  • Arm pads $15 
  • Goggles $15 

‚ÄčDEPOSITS in check form, payable to AYLA, are required to rent. Checks will not be cashed and returned when equipment is returned at end of season.

  • $100 deposit for full set of boys gear
  • $50 deposit for less than full set of boys gear
  • $50 deposit for girls gear

OPTION TO BUY - Players can buy their rental gear at the end of season by emailing Equipment Manager Eric Martin at martin91775@yahoo.com. We will cash deposit checks to complete purchase. 

8.  Are there uniforms?

NEW for the 2020 season, all players K-12 will be receiving a team pinny to keep and use for practice & games. Players will be asked to wear BLACK athletic shorts with the pinny.  Black AYLA logo shorts are available for purchase. Prompt registration by Feb 28, 2020 will ensure that a player will receive his/her pinny in their size and in time for Sunday games. Registrants after this date are not guaranteed a pinny in their size, and in some cases may not receive a current 2020 pinney.

9.  How can I volunteer?

AYLA is 100% volunteer-run. Our coaches, administrative board, and operations committees are parents, former lacrosse players/coaches and other lacrosse enthusiasts. Lacrosse season doesn't happen without YOU.  We NEED volunteers at all levels -- board/committee and team. We ask for a 1-year commitment.

  • Team Parent: Team parents help coaches with communications and game day logistics. 
  • Operations Committee: We need volunteers for our various league committees in field operations, PR/marketing, equipment/uniform, and permitting.
  • Board: If you have business, general management, finance or legal expertise, consider joining the AYLA board. Volunteers on the board work to make sure that AYLA delivers a quality youth program, is financially sound and sustainably managed.  
  • Coaches: Head coaches typically have playing and/or coaching experience at high school or collegiate levels. We will also train parents and other enthusiasts to be coaches and learn the game. Coaches receive a small stiped to cover incidentals.
  • Officials: Referees for boys & girls are needed. Trained refs receive compensation per game. Referee training will be provided to those interested.

We realize everyone leads busy lives with packed schedules, but with many hands working together, the load is lighter. Volunteering is a great opportunity to contribute your skills and talents to keep lacrosse in Hawaii growing and robust. It's also FUN to meet and get to know fellow lacrosse supporters! Contact your area presidents or aylapres@gmail.com to volunteer.

10.  What is your refund policy?

  • Season Registration:
    • Before & During 1st week of practice: FULL REFUND less a processing fee (If a uniform pinney was issued, it must be returned)
    • During 2nd week of practice: 75% refund less a processing fee (If a uniform pinney was issued, it must be returned)
    • After 2nd week of practice: NO REFUND
    • If an injury is sustained prior and/or during 1st game in season that prevents player from participating for the rest of the season, parent may request a refund and will receive 50% refund less a processing fee -- a doctor's note is required
    • RENTAL GEAR refund policy is same as Season registration policy.
  • Clinics:
    • If AYLA is notified at least one day in advance, a full credit to the player's account will be issued.
    • If AYLA is NOT notified and player is a No-Show, there is NO refund.

11.  How do I start a Lacrosse Team at my school?

A sustainable program requires parent/player support and actively cultivating the next new generation within the schools and that can be a big challenge. Parent and player support within schools in conjuction with faculty and administration support are the best way to establish and sustain a lacrosse presence in a school. AYLA can provide support by providing coaches, training and major equipment. Field space is at a premium, so field access at a school is also helpful. Please contact the AYLA Board if you would like to explore starting up a team at your school. We are here to help!