Hawaii's official youth lacrosse league, AYLA is a member of US Lacrosse with teams in age groups from kindergarten through high school. This is a volunteer run organization.


Lacrosse Ohana,

As part of our safety and education efforts for our lacrosse ohana, we are forwarding the following important safety information to all players, families, coaches and officials:

As you know, lacrosse is a contact sport and as such it is important for athletes, parents, coaches and officials to be educated about associated risks.  One such risk is that of concussion.  Players and parents should be aware of concussion risks, including signs and symptoms, mechanisms of injury, treatment, return to activity guidelines, and limitations of protective equipment.

Did you know…

  • Hawaii has a concussion law that requires annual education for parents, coaches & officials.
  • The law states that any athlete who has
  • a suspected concussion must be immediately removed from play and the athlete will be required to have medical clearance before returning to play.
  • Parents are responsible for reporting a concussion to the league and the coach.


We urge all parents and players to educate themselves on concussions and the Hawaii law at   https://hcamp.info/ayla

We have also attached the concussion educational sheets provided by US Lacrosse (USL), the national lacrosse umbrella organization.

USL has detailed safety information and resources on other safety-related topics including injury prevention, concussion awareness, risk management, cardiac arrests, AED’s and commotion cordis, heat and hydration and safesport/child protection:


We also urge all parents and players to educate themselves on additional lacrosse risks and safety information at https://www.uslacrosse.org/safety

If you have any questions or concerns about an injury or questions about this safety and concussion information, please notify your coach AND AYLA.  Contact information is on the website: alohalax.org.

We thank you for your time and understanding, and look forward to a fun and safe season playing lacrosse in Hawaii!

The AYLA Board