Hawaii's official youth lacrosse league, AYLA is a member of US Lacrosse with teams in age groups from kindergarten through high school. This is a volunteer run organization.


Coaches FAQ


1. Who can be an AYLA coach? 

  • Any adult can volunteer as a coach.
  • Lacrosse experience either as a player or coach is ideal.
  • Experience as an athlete or coaching another sport is desired.
  • Adults with no experience, but are enthusiastic and willing to learn, are welcome!
  • Contact the Area presidents if you are interested in coaching.


2. What personal attributes are desirable in an AYLA coach?

  • Enjoy working with youth
  • Patience
  • Willingness to learn and adapt
  • Resourcefulness
  • Encouraging sportsmanship and effort over winning
  • Like to have fun
  • Team-oriented


3. What kind of commitment is required of a coach?

  • Coaches must be a current USL member, complete a background check, and have a current CPR/AED trained certificate.
  • Coaches must be understand current USL game rules and AYLA-specific guidelines for age category they coach.
  • Practices for K-8 levels are typically 2 times a week, for 1-1/2 hr, from end of February to the mid-May.
  • Practices for for High School teams are typically 2-3 times a week, for 1-1/2 to 2 hours, from end of February to mid-May.
  • Games are on Sundays from April to mid-May. Coaches determine arrival time for teams for warm-up prior to game time.
  • Coaches, along with parents, also help with some field logistics. 
  • Each team has at least one coach, but can also have assistant coaches.
  • Coaches are asked to lead, coordinate or help with pre- and post-season clinics. Participation is optional but greatly appreciated!


4. Is there compensation for coaches?

  • Coaches are volunteers but can qualify for a stipend or a fee discount/waiver for one child per season.
  • Area presidents determine the stipend/discount amount based on the coaches' commitment.


5. How do I sign up to be a Coach?

  • Click on "Interested in Coaching/" tab or Area presidents to find out coaching needs.
  • Once confirmed to be a coach, register online by clicking on the "Register as a Coach" tab.
  • USL membership and background check can be completed when registering as a coach.
  • Fees for USL membership and CPR/AED training will be reimbursed upon submission of receipts.