Aloha Youth Lacrosse Association (AYLA) was founded in 2003 as a youth club league and player development program for Boys and Girls Grade 2 through High School.  Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport on the US mainland, with more high schools and colleges fielding teams from the West Coast/Pacific Northwest to the Midwest/Southwest and East Coast.  In Hawaii, lacrosse is small in numbers, but the youth league has grown every year and very quickly especially in the last few years.  From spring 2017 to spring 2018, player numbers grew by almost 40% to 250, a record number.  There are now 4 area chapters East Honolulu, Ford Island, Windward, and new in 2019, Leeward.  We continue to lobby the ILH-OIA for recognition as a varsity sport.

2018 saw the formation of a third high school boys with Saint Louis School fielding a brand new team. The 5th annual Founders Cup tournament will be held on the island of Hawaii in 2019 where the 3 Oahu based teams (Punahou, Saint Louis and Sharks) will play Hawaii island teams from Hawaii Pacific Academy and Konawaena High School.  

The majority of our players have learned the sport of Lacrosse from scratch in our league. New players can enter at all age groups, K-12. Several homegrown players have advanced to play at the college level.

Lacrosse requires the ability to run well and develop great hand-eye coordination. The game is derived from native North Americans, who for many centuries used the game to train for battle, or compete between tribes in place of war. The modern game for boys involves 10 players on a team, with protective gear, passing a hard rubber ball with a Lacrosse stick to score in a goal on a field similar to a soccer field. Girls Lacrosse does not allow body contact and is played 12 on 12 with only goggles and a mouth guard.  Girls Lacrosse and Boys Lacrosse are radically different and are referred to as 1 Sport, 2 Games.

AYLA head coaches are certified under US Lacrosse coach training programs. Most AYLA coaches are former college Lacrosse players, and many from top schools including Navy, Army, St. Johns, Rutgers, D-III power house Salisbury and Ithaca College,  and other strong programs. Their experience translates into solid development skills and values in our youth players.

Lacrosse games are held at Kapiolani Park in the shadows of Diamond Head. Teams form in late February with practices 2-5 days/week depending upon age group division. Games are played on Sunday afternoons, with a 10-game season running from April-May.  2019 Practices will start the week of February 26th.

Aloha Youth Lacrosse Association (AYLA) encourages, cultivates, and develops the interest in and appreciation of the sport of lacrosse in the State of Hawaii. We strive to advance the growth of boys and girls youth lacrosse by providing quality instruction and coaching of lacrosse fundamentals, skills, techniques, and strategies. We provide a safe and fun environment and emphasize the development of self-esteem, sportsmanship, fitness, achievement, and affirmative values that team sports provide. Through this positive and fun experience, we hope to participate in, cooperate with, and expose our Hawaii youth to other competitive organizations throughout the state, nation, and world.

AYLA is the youth lacrosse organization of the Hawaii Chapter of US Lacrosse, and is affiliated with the Positive Coaching Alliance. AYLA is 100% volunteer and a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Your support is welcomed!